Monday, July 13, 2009

Coming Home

Good Morning,

We are getting ready to leave for the airport after two miraculous days in Kansas City. The people were so welcoming, the raw food movement is definitely here(we had a pot luck lunch on Sunday and they all brought a raw food dish to share!), and the workshop was so well attended and supported by open hearted sharing. People want to wake up, people want a new future and they are willing to be a cause in it coming true. Kansas City folks inspired us, they reached out and pulled the workshop towards them, they lined up to share at the microphone and drove from all over the state to be here. We had women and men in their seventies playing full out, sharing what it is like to not be able to get on a plane and go see their great grandchildren because they don't want to be seen as weak, and are unable to walk the distances now required in large airports. They shared what it is like to face moving from an apartment in New York City, where they have lived over 50 years into a one room retirement apartment here in Missouri so that they are closer to their daugher, and sorting through all their things and letting go. So beautiful and deeply moving. Natalie started a sign up sheet for those interested in the Kindred Spirit workshop as so many questions came up about relationship and the page is covered with signatures!
People want what you have.
Thank you for making this possible.
Love you all,

Day One AR kansas City

WOW can these folks ever share. they lined up to share like no one had ever really listened to them! So inspiring. They really want to break through and are going to cause it! we are inspired but their commitment and willingness to open up.

Thanks for holding the space for miracles like today. Thank you for creating the possibility of us being here.

Natalie cried today when I shared that I invited you all to be UNSTOPPABLE today like I experience her.

Love to hear about YOUR breakthroughs.

Love you all.



Good Morning,

We are off to the Abounding River here in Kansas City. Last night as I was falling asleep I started thinking about how powerful being unstoppable is. Matthew and I shared with each other times in our lives when we just couldn't wouldn't be stopped!

Natalie, the woman who put together this workshop was burned badly in a gasoline fire explosion on Sunday (just 6 days ago) and although she limps around and is bandaged, she is still up and causing the workshop. Her husband says, that he is learning to care for her in ways he only dreamed up. She says, she is learning to trust her intuition more. They are an inspiration to be around!

Let's all take on not being stopped, where we might otherwise be.

Let's push through and cause new miracles in areas where we back off.... thanks for playing this LIFE with us.

Where are you going to not be stopped today?

Love, Terces