Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Farmer's Market at Marin Civic Center -by, Treasure Van Dinther manager of the Farmer's Market, event, catering and wholesale.

Today’s Miracle

We had a blast at the Marin Civic Center Farmers’ Market with the CafĂ© Gratitude Booth. I was working with one of my best friends Vinicio. He’s a miracle in itself- I have so much unconditional love for this man- it is crazy! We are amazing workers, both of us. He coaches me to be a better leader by encouraging me to make clear requests. Vinicio is so great at asking people the question of the day. He’s even gotten me to start asking people at the checkout at the grocery store. A man walks straight up to me and says that he has a question, which I delightfully say yes to because I wouldn’t be in this job if I didn’t love the questions. He asked “What part of me would need to die, so that the world could fully experience my gifts?” I felt my heart pounded and my eyes swelled up. I knew the answer right away. I been battling for 3 to5 days of intense self judgment and every thought was something about how everything was wrong with me and that I was not good enough. I answered “my judgments and anything that thinks that I need to be anything other than me.” I tear up. I thanked the stranger and introduce myself to him. Just as the stranger leave, my ex-boyfriend comes up with flowers for me. I am so loved, seen and felt. I have so much evidence that I am amazing. I’d be crazy not to see it. I love my life and myself.!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Whole Food miracle

On Tuesday we met with John Mackey, the founder of Whole Foods Markets. I was so inspired by him, his committment to education, to empowering people to be responsible for their well being, to serve his fellow men and women. Here is a man who could retire, but he is making his life about making a difference. No matter what I might think about corporations, I see the possibility of them doing great good in the world. Commerce is the foundation of life, everything we have others participate in and we reward or ackowledge them for that. How great to have the opportunity to partner with such a visionary and expand what is possible for life on this planet.
Love, Terces

Friday, March 27, 2009

Miracle from the District Manager of Cafe Gratitude

I'm sharing the miracle of my liquid cleanse.
I feel clear and with God more times than not.
Yesterday I bought three pairs of the smallest jeans I've worn since I was 28 !!
Go green !!

Miracle # 999,999,999 By, Batul- General Manager of the Healdsburg Cafe Gratitude

Miracle # 999,999,999=
Thanks to the unstoppable Eli, who invited them to our Sex and Intimacy Seminar,
Brooke and Naomi are registered in the Landmark Forum!!!
I actually drove Naomi there and guess who else I drove?
Kate- who I terminated earlier in the week!
Only at Cafe Gratitude! Only with people who are more committed to being love than being right!

Grateful Mic Night: by Anna Grace

Grateful Mic Night:
We had one glorious guest show up for Grateful Mic night, & he played & played his key board & it was magical & soothing. Funny thing is that we were so busy & started to sell out of things, so we barely got the equipment up! YEAH, we were hussling!!!
It is one of our little sweet starlights last night here, KIKI.
What's amazing is that she has been with us for 2 days shy of a year & has experienced a massive transformation in that time! We get to witness SO much transformation in our community, it astounds me!
I apologize I have not been spreading the miracle email vibration to you all. I somehow backed up ion emails & only today finally cleared them (no excuses). Thank you for the inspiration.
My miracle to share in this moment is a review with Noel Bartholomew, Marya's fiance'.
He is such an incrediable individual who particpates in this game in such a unique way. He is very atuned with Spirit & really sees through people right to their core. It is an honor to work with such an awesome man who I consider a relative!
Welcome HOME Matty, Terces, Aya, John, Eden, Mark etc... can not wait to hear the miracles!!!
Oh p.s. I have been really enjoying interacting at such a deep level with guests. I can see "health" in peoples eyes & in ther skin & acknowledge people, such as a woman named Marty with whom I told her she looked "timeless". She gave me a history of her health choices, vegan for 29 years, veg before that, RAW FOR for 12 YEARS!!! I said "that's what it is" She said "I am 61"!!! I told her that I was going to have a group gathering "Conscious Choosing" (for those of you who know me,) & I would love to invite you to share your story! I will be calling you all to schedule an event at most or all of your cafe's! That is one of the things I am doing with my business cards. I am being more with our guests! & spreading my love more & more & more.

Anna Grace
Proud General Manager
Cafe Gratitude, LLC
Marin County